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Safety at no costs

OnGuard is a comprehensive worker safety, monitoring and communication service supporting the implementation of a health & safety management system at minimum impact to existing workflows actively reducing the risk of incidents and related downtime.

Advanced Capabilities of OnGuard

OnGuard increases workplace safety and productivity by providing solutions to six critical challenges:

Location Tracking

One of the fundamentals of workplace safety and productivity is having visibility into the location of your workforce.

Accident Prevention

OnGuard is the only solution that actively prevents accidents from happening.

Lone Worker Protection

Know the safety status of all workers at all times and be readily alerted in case of an incident.

Emergency Response

Quickly assess and manage any emergency situation and follow defined emergency protocols to avoid negligence and litigation

Safety Compliance

Safety compliance means to be in accordance with federal and local standards and regulations around safety.

Worker Productivity

Worker productivity is crucial to gain a competitive advantage. Increasing the output per every dollar spent has become increasingly difficult.

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